Premium self-cleaning function

Key benefits

  • Simple self-cleaning
  • Adjustable cleaning intensity
  • Environment-friendly cleaning without any detergents
Pyrolytic cleaning is the most efficient and advanced way to clean an oven. The high cleaning temperature of up to 500˚C leaves the oven completely clean, without a spot of grease. At the end, only the leftovers need to be wiped away. The oven is locked during and immediately after the cleaning process, which makes it safe and family-friendly.
Depending on the oven model 3 levels of cleaning intensity are at disposal:
  • PyroGentle /P1 – gentle cleaning in 90 min
  • PyroNormal /P2 – medium intensity in 120 min
  • PyroIntensive /P3 – intensive cleaning in 150 min
Same and constant temperature of 500°C is maintained during all 3 levels of cleaning.
  • Pyrolitic safe enamel on all models of ovens and pans
  • High quality of enamel - resistant on high temperature and steam
  • Long lasting perfect look – high gloss
  • Light gray color
  • Excellent scratch resistance
How do we do enamel so excellent?
  • 100% control of process, with robot spraying of powder enamel
  • We ensure optimal and homogeneous thickness of vitreous enamel also on critical places and excellent surface without defects.