Freezers features

Perfect care

FastFreeze rapid food freezing

The FastFreeze function freezes food expediently at an extremely low temperature, below -24 °C. Maintaining the quality of frozen food depends largely on how fast the freezing process is. When the freezing process is faster, the crystals that are formed are smaller and do not damage the cells in the food, thus allowing it to retain the vitamins, minerals and nutrients longer.

Storing frozen food

Recommended storage time in the freezer
Storage time for frozen food depends on the composition of the food, quality, expiration date, etc. High fat content in particular will shorten the maximum storage time. Thus, lean meat may be kept in the freezer for up to 12 months, while fatty meat will only keep 4 to 6 months. Food should be stored in tightly sealed containers or appropriate packaging.

Smart solutions


No more tedious defrosting
Intensive circulation of cool air eliminates moisture from the upright freezer. This prevents the accumulation of frost on the food and ice on interior walls and keeps power consumption low. As a result, the usage of the storage capacity is optimal, and defrosting and cleaning of the interior are no longer necessary. Packages or pieces of frozen food will not stick to each other, keeping your food in the freezer neat and tidy.
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Less ice, fewer problems
Improved insulation effectively reduces the accumulation of frost on the food and ice in the appliance interior. This means less tedious defrosting and a lower electricity bill.
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Top energy efficiency
Improved cooling system provides excellent conditions for attaining the top energy classes. Chest freezers with the A++ energy efficiency rating use 40% less power than those in the A class.

Simple to use

XXL SpaceBox

Enough space for an XXL turkey
The largest drawer is ideal for storing large items like a turkey, several pizzas, or even cakes.