A washer with a gentle heart

Gorenje SensoCare generation of washing machines
Gorenje washing machine is a reliable partner in daily care for your laundry. It understands our lack of time and patience for petty details. Therefore, it offers programs that are a perfect fit a number of different lifestyles and which offer every user the functions they desire. It can wash quickly; it can wash environmentally friendly. It can be silent; it can be meticulously thorough. Regardless of the mode you choose, your laundry will always be washed gently and with care. The fabric will remain fresh and flexible, and the colours will retain the right hue.
Perfect care Always superiorly washed, excellently preserved and clean laundry
Smart solutions Solutions that welcome and tackle the technological challenges
Simple to use Designed to be friendly to the user

SensoCare technology

Perfectly matching to your laundry needs.
SensoCare technology makes sure every type of fabric is washed in the best possible way. It always delivers the optimum combination of temperature and amount of water, time, and spinning speed. If, however, your clothes need a very special care, the cotton and synthetic fibre programmes can be tweaked with extra modes and functions. NormalCare selects the optimum combination of all four parameters for each load of laundry; TimeCare reduces the washing time; AllergyCare uses more water and extra rinse cycles; and EcoCare is the most energy-efficient washing mode.
Icon - TimeCare


40% quicker wash
Intensive and quicker wash for less soiled laundry and smaller loads.
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60% energy savings
The wash is somewhat longer, but it uses less water and power.
Icon - AllergyCare


Efficient rinse
Thorough rinse is more efficient in removing the traces of detergent and thereby the allergens that could cause an unpleasant sensation on the skin.

AntiAllergy programmes

For extra protection of delicate skin of babies and adults
AntiAllergy Cotton, Baby, AntiMites programmes use higher temperature, more water, and extra rinsing. As a result, the detergent is dissolved more efficiently and the laundry is very thoroughly rinsed. Washing powder, allergens, and mites that could cause an unpleasant sensation on sensitive or particularly delicate baby skin will be eliminated from your clothing, bedding, and larger clothing items.
Icon - Baby


Protecting the delicate children's skin
This programme uses extra water to efficiently dissolve the detergent and thus wash the laundry more thoroughly. The laundry is soaked in warm water for a longer period of time in order to deal with the most stubborn baby food stains. The laundry will be spotlessly clean without traces of washing powder and allergens that could irritate the extra delicate baby skin.
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Icon - AntiMites


For a good night's sleep
This programme is intended for larger items like bedding, pillows and blankets. To make sure they are perfectly washed, the washing rhythm is specially adjusted to prevent tangling while the extra thorough rinse leaves them free of allergens and mites that could cause an unpleasant sensation on the skin.
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Icon - AntiAllergy Cotton

AntiAllergy Cotton

Protecting the delicate skin
Extended washing time at a higher temperature with more water results in an excellent wash, and the AntiAllergy Cotton programme makes it even more thorough with extra rinsing. This washing mode is particularly appropriate for those with delicate skin as it thoroughly removes all irritating allergens.
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Total laundry care
The SensoCare washing machine drum is made from the best quality stainless steel with exceptionally smooth surface. Therefore, the laundry is thoroughly washed, rinsed, and spun without any damage.
Icon - Perforation


Water gently spraying into the drum
Small holes with a diameter of no more than 3 millimetres treat your laundry especially gently. In addition to effective washing, spinning, and rinsing, they also prevent any damage to your laundry. Moreover, the size, shape and pattern of drum perforation reduce the consumption of power and water.
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Icon - 3D ribs

3D ribs

Gentle waving of the laundry
First, the wavy ribs gently push the laundry towards the rear end of the drum; then, they lift it toward to top. This improves the distribution of laundry within the drum, and delicately massages the fabric. Additional water is sprayed from the openings in the rib surface for better soaking.
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Icon - Tilted 4D door

Tilted 4D door

Always on the right path
Improved patented glass washing machine door is designed for active 4D motion of the laundry towards the central part of the drum where it receives the best treatment and maximum protection. Laundry is better washed and less wrinkled, appliance quieter with extended lifetime.
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Icon - StainExpert


The most efficient stain care
Effective removal of stains no longer requires high temperature or additional treatment of clothing before the wash. The perfect combination of temperature, time, and water will automatically remove four types of stubborn stains: fruit (oranges, tomato sauce); organic stains (fat, butter, eggs, grass); wine (dark fruit juices, ink); and coffee (tea, yoghurt, pasta, make-up). The StainExpert function is available in the Superior washing machines.
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Icon - UltraWhite


White that will never turn grey
Synthetic fibres, silk, and nylon are easily damaged in machine washing. Therefore, a special programme has been developed to wash at lower temperatures and preserve the quality of your delicates. Gentle tumbling with a larger amount of water delivers perfect whiteness at no more than 30 °C. Use of specialized detergents is recommended for extra freshness.
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Icon - PerfectBlack


There is only one black
A special washing programme for all types of black fabric is highly efficient with gentle tumbling at no more than 30 °C. This does away with the need for intensive tumbling and use of aggressive detergents that make the laundry fade to grey. Specialized detergents are recommended for delicate black laundry.
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Icon - NightWash


Silent washing for night operation
The laundry can also be easily and silently washed at night. The drum spins more slowly and gently, but this is compensated with a somewhat longer wash that leaves the laundry perfectly clean.
Icon - SportWash


Always fresh sportswear
Gentle tumbling of the laundry in a large amount of water at 30 to 40 °C is ideal for washing synthetic fibres. Thus, your sportswear will always be fresh and pleasantly smelling, ready for new endeavours.
Icon - QuickWash 17'

QuickWash 17'

Quick and fresh
Less soiled laundry can be easily refreshed in 17 minutes at a temperature of 30 °C. Thus, your next outfit will always be ready.

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